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hi, my name's emily, and i'm a swoonaholic.

i stumbled across this community while searching in vain for help learning some oh susanna songs. upon closer inspection, it would appear that i share many swoonings with whoever did up the interest list for the community, such as: autumn, cats, cemetaries, chocolate, clea duvall, clone high, clouds, comics, crushes, dark chocolate, day dreaming, don mckellar, dr zoidberg, drag queens, dressing up, fanart, ginger snaps, home movies, infatuation, jesus, kids in the hall, lime jello, manic street preachers, may, memories, music, musicals, nostalgia, oh susanna, old, old fashioned book mobiles, old journals, old letters and notes, older men, older women, pilots, playing house, polar bears, pretending, pretty songs, rainbows, raisins, sarah polley, shyness, snow, stummies, subtext, swoon, swoonage, swooning, tegan and sara, the factory, the monkees, timothy findley, tom waits, unknown, untitled, watermelon, winter, writing, and writing stories...among many others.

at the moment, i'm swooning over this book i bought instead of a spanish-english dictionary the other day. it is called the edwardians and it is by j.b. priestly. i am justifying the twenty bucks i spent on it by telling myself that it is research material for the comic i am writing...i am not so sure that my spanish teacher will see the justice in that come tuesday, though...
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