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The Swoonery

These things almost make me smile.

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The idea of this community is to post things you swoon over. It could be anything: people, places, things, pets, etc. Post pictures, short excerpts from books you swoon over, old notes and letters, anything!

The object is to have fun.

1. Keep large pictures under a cut. How to do an lj-cut. Photobucket. You send it.
2. No promos.
anime, anne bancroft, anymoo, asl plz, autumn, ballad in plain d, bette davis, callum keith rennie, cats, cemetaries, chewable prozac, chocolate, clea duvall, clone high, cloudery, clouds, coffee, comics, crispin glover, crushes, d'awwwwwwwww, dark chocolate, dawn davenport, day dreaming, demo, don mckellar, dr zoidberg, drag queens, dressing up, due south, elysian fields, evelyn lau, ewan mcgregor, fanart, feist, flinstone chewable morphine, focusin, food service girl, fresh flowers, get fuzzy, ginger snaps, giuseppe andrews, gleemonex, hawksley workman, home movies, hothead paisan, humour, hunter, infatuation, inventing the abbotts, jeeves & wooster, jeffery scott buckley, jesus, john glover, julian richings, keen eddie, kids in the hall, kinnie starr, kris lemche, lenny and carl, leslie howard, lime jello, little britain, little voice, manga, manic street preachers, marlon brando, may, memories, music, musicals, my life without me, nicholas allan jones, nostalgia, oh susanna, old, old fashioned book mobiles, old journals, old letters and notes, older men, older women, pale blue eyes, pilots, playing house, polar bears, pretending, pretty songs, queer as folk, rainbows, raisins, ravenous, rebel prince, robert ross, ronan vibert, sarah polley, set yourself on fire, shyness, sky masterson, slash, slings and arrows, sloan, snow, southern comfort, stephen fry, stummies, subtext, swoon, swoonage, swooning, tegan and sara, the daily show, the factory, the gay, the l word, the monkees, the petrified forest, the sims 2, timothy findley, tom waits, twitch city, unknown, untitled, watermelon, winter, wonderfalls, woolly leaves, writing, writing stories